Adiantum aleuticum 'Subpumilum'
Photo courtesy of Michelle Bundy

Index of Quarterly Articles
Fall 1990 - Fall 2011

The following is the introduction to the Index of Articles, published in the Hardy Fern Foundation Quarterly (Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 9-27).  It explains the relationship between the Index of Articles and the Index of Ferns and how they can be used together to obtain information about the ferns mentioned in the Hardy Fern Foundation publications.

After 21 years of publishing information about hardy ferns, first as the Hardy Fern Foundation (HFF) Newsletter and continuing to the present as the HFF Quarterly, the HFF has nearly 650 articles to its credit. With the goal in mind of making the information more readily available to current and future pteridophiles, Sue Olsen, the editor of the publications since inception, asked me, a fern hobbyist and enthusiast, if I would be willing to put together a comprehensive index.

To accomplish the task in an efficient manner, I created two indexes. I decided first to create an Index of Articles, numbering them sequentially over the 18 volumes of the Newsletter and the Quarterly.  Subsequently, I created an Index of Ferns, with the entries for each fern mentioned being the article numbers. Thus, those interested can look up a fern in the Index of Ferns and determine which articles in the Index of Articles have information about, or at least mention, that fern. This fern index along with its cross-reference the Index of Articles will be posted on the HFF website and will be updated annually. Members will therefore have access to and a reference for previously published information.

Due to taxonomic changes over the 18 years covered and to the varying native languages and backgrounds of the authors, several inconsistencies were encountered. These are reflected in cross-referencing alternate terms and listing alternate spellings when the latter could be determined not to be simple misidentifications or misspellings.

Consistent with the mission of the HFF, its Board is exploring ways of making the previously published materials covered by the indexes available to fern enthusiasts and others in the horticultural community. Once the mechanism is in place ordering information will be posted along with the indexes on the web site.

Corrections to these indexes and suggestions from readers regarding future versions will be appreciated and should be directed both to me and the Editor of the Quarterly.

Jerry Hudgens
Fern Dell
3115 Woolsey Drive
Churchville, MD 21028 

Sue Olsen, Editor
The HFF Quarterly
P.O. Box 3797
Federal Way, WA 98063-3797