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Ceterach officinarum – Rusty back fern

Phegopteris connectilis – Northern beech fern

Polypodium scouleri – Leathery polypody

Polystichum andersonii – Anderson’s holly fern

Polystichum lonchitis – Northern holly fern

Polystichum neolobatum – Asian saber fern

This is by far one of the best evergreen ferns available!  The Asian saber ferns grows to be about 2 1/2 ft. tall with an open, upright habit.  The fronds are a shiny, leathery, deep green.  They remain this way ALL YEAR LONG!!!  Snow, freezing temps., nothing seems to phase this fern. It prefers full to part shade and once established is very drought tolerant.  This is a great fern to put in a spot that you frequently look at throughout the year, as it always looks great.  Can be used as a specimen but is best when grown in groups of 5 or more.  Plant fairly close together for best effect.

Polystichum x dycei

Polystichum x dycei is one of the newer Polystichums on the market.  This fern is fast growing, reaching about 3 – 3 1/2′ tall in a short time.  It’s fully evergreen and a fresh, green color.  Plants have an upright, open habit.  They are extrememly tough and will tolerant some drought once established.  Part sun/morning sun with a nice organic soil.  Will not tolerate full sun or hot afternoon sun.

Woodsia polystichoides – Holly fern woodsia