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Adiantum aleuticum ‘Subpumilum’ – Dwarf western maidenhair

Adiantum aleuticum – Western maidenhair

Adiantum venustum – Himalayan maidenhair



Asplenium septentrionale – Forked spleenwort

Asplenium trichomanes – Maidenhair spleenwort

This small, fragile-looking native fern is incredibly tough once established. Its diminutive evergreen fronds form adorable short tufts of green and appear like miniature versions of our common sword fern. This fern is very cute and once it is established it is even easy to grow in dry shade.  This easy but slow-growing fern performs well in light, open, dappled, or deep shade. It grows fastest in rich well-drained soil, but it will grow well in most soil types except those that become water logged. It is drought tolerant once established.

Astrolepis sinuata – Star-scaled cloak fern

Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’ – Japanese painted fern

Athyrium otophorum – Eared lady fern

Blechnum chilense

This impressive evergreen fern grows in full sun to full shade… 

Blechnum penna-marina – Alpine water fern

Blechnum penna-marina is an excellent evergreen groundcover fern.  It will do well in shade or almost full sun if provided with enough water.  Fronds emerge a deep salmon color and darken to a glossy, rich green.  This fern is very versatile.  It will do well in a sunny alpine setting, in pots on your patio or in your woodland garden.  It looks especially nice when planted among rocks or logs.